Portuguese Document Certification

We offer a wide range of document certification and legalization services to satisfy all levels of authentication your documents may require. These are detailed below, and are additional to the certification issued by our own translators. It can be difficult to determine which of the many certification types is most suitable for your needs; if you are at all unsure of which service you require, please contact us for thorough and impartial advice.

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Portuguese Translation Certification

1. Certification by the translator

This is the most basic level of certification, and is issued by the translator who has prepared the document or by the translation agency. It verifies that the translation is true to the original and is an accurate Portuguese to English or English to Portuguese translation.

We include the cost of this certification in the cost of the translation. However, we may have to levy an additional charge if you require extra certified copies of the translation. To see a list of our competitive prices, please click here.

2. Certification by a solicitor or notary

A notary or solicitor may authenticate the signature of the translator certifying the translation if this is signed in the presence of the notary or solicitor. The translation is attached to a statutory declaration and to a copy of the original document.

The certification will cost between €15 and €25, depending on the seal you require.

Portuguese Document Legalization

In order that a document will be recognized as legal abroad, it may require legalization by a solicitor or notary to verify the country of origin of the document. This service typically cost between €15 and €25, depending on the seal required.

You may additionally require a higher level of certification, depending on the use for which the document is destined. This will probably include Apostille legalization, which is most commonly used to authenticate the notarization of the document or translation and ensures the document will be considered legally valid in all countries signed up to the Hague Convention of 1961. For more information, please contact us.

Notarized Portuguese Translations

If your translated documents are to be used in a country in which the official language is not Portuguese, then you document will likely require notarization. This consists of certification of the translation by a registered notary. This may be authenticated by Apostille legalization as described above; please click here for more information.

Certification of True Copy of the Original

We can certify any number of copies of your original document as true and accurate copies of the original. This typically costs between €10 and €15, depending on the certification seal required.

Portuguese Translations: Validation

We may only certify translations that have been prepared by our own translators. However, if you are in possession of a translation of a document which you would like to use and have certified, we can verify the translation for you. This will enable you to avail of any of the certification services we have to offer, which are described above.

So that we can issue your document with the level of certification most appropriate to your requirements, we ask that you inform us of the purpose for which the translation is to be used, and, if known, the type of certification required.

If you are unsure of which certification service is right for you or if you have any queries regarding our certification services, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our certified translators and interpreters will be happy to answer your queries in English or Portuguese to suit your individual requirements. You can email us on info@ales.ie call us on (086) 383-22-44 or visit us our conveniently located Dublin offices in person (see our contact us section for more information).

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